Call for papers: General issue

The multidisciplinary Open Access journal Early Modern Culture Online (EMCO) welcomes contributions across the range of Early Modern Studies, including history, art history, archaeology, architecture, musicology, historical linguistics, literature and culture.

The next issue of EMCO will be an open, general issue without a set theme.

We welcome contributions in the following categories:

Academic articles

Central to the journal are articles within the fields listed above or interdisciplinary combinations thereof. We accept three categories of articles: survey articles, which provide an overview of a theme or an issue; notes, shorter articles centered on a limited issue; and traditional academic articles that present new research and arguments. Notes are limited to 2000 words; other articles can be whatever length is deemed defensible or necessary.

En Face – page opening

Verso: an image, a poem or an excerpt of a text; a frontispiece, a sculpture, a picture frame, or any other kind of curious, interesting, unknown early modern artefact.

Recto: a brief exposition of said artefact; its provenance and why it is interesting. Length: <500 words.

Comment pieces

The humanities are under pressure, funding is being cut, society does not appreciate what we do, students are clients – customers who are only interested in getting passing marks. In short, the humanities are in a state of crisis, early modern studies are in a state of crisis – or maybe not. Maybe things are better than they have ever been? Discussing these and many other topics relating to research, teaching and the place of early modern studies in society is of great interest, but we also accept lighter, more humorous pieces, if they have a serious point.

Book reviews

We normally contact reviewers directly, but we also accept reviews of any relevant book that has been published in the last 12 months. Length: 2-3000 words.

How to submit

Articles or other pieces formatted in MLA or APA styles should be submitted to the EMCO web site. You must register your name and contact details with us in order to be able to contribute. Alternatively, you may contact the editor:

The most recent issue of EMCO (#6) can be accessed here.

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