Vol 1, No 1 (2010)

Shakespeare: Framing and Reframing

This is the first volume of the newly established journal EMCO. The contributions to this volume are all invited, and all are from the conference Shakespeare: Framing and Reframing.

Table of Contents


Roy Eriksen I
Preface PDF
Stuart Sillars II-III


Framing the Frame: Shakespeare and the Cadre Stuart Sillars PDF
Stuart Sillars 1-11
By Whatever Name Myklebost PDF
Svenn-Arve Myklebost 12-20
A Master’s Monument Shakespeare’s Sonnets in the Poetry of W. B. Yeats Armstrong PDF
Charles Armstrong 21-34
Reaching Beyond the National: Recent Translations of The Tempest in Romania Nicolaescu PDF
Madalina Nicolaescu 35-47
Using Petrarch, Ovid and Virgil Anew: Framing and Reframing Diana in the Canon Lafont PDF
Agnès Lafont 48-59

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