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Journal of Comparative Social Work

JCSW publishes articles on subjects of importance for social work with a special emphasis on comparative research.

Vol 11, No 1 (2016)

Table of Contents


Introduction to the special issue on Institutional Ethnography and Comparative Social Work PDF EPUB
Janne Paulsen Breimo


Special rights within universal welfare: Assistance to trafficking victims in Norway PDF EPUB
Anette Brunovskis
Investigating the social relations of human service provision: Institutional ethnography and activism PDF EPUB
Naomi Nichols
In-between discourses: Early intervention and diversity in the Norwegian kindergarten sector PDF EPUB
Ann Christin E. Nilsen
‘Teach, reduce and discharge’: Community nurses’ textual production of ‘independence’ and the coordination of discharge from home care services PDF EPUB
Lisa Watt
Exploring the social relations of Roma employability: The case of rural segregated communities in Romania PDF EPUB
Loreni Elena Baciu, Melinda Dinca, Theofild Lazar, Johans Tveit Sandvin

JCSW was founded in 2006 and is currently hosted by University of Stavanger, in cooperation with University of Agder and Nord University. From 2010 onwards it is published bi-anually.

ISSN: 0809-9936