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essay rater on homework

by Kate Haugle (2017-05-26)

As an essay rater I'm not at all surprised by these results. When I taught middle school, I had a "no homework allowed" policy, and didn't let students even bring work home without special permission -- usually following an absence, although I preferred having students come in for tutorials at lunch or after school for that. Why?  

First, because students who can't bring work home tend to pay attention better during class. They pay attention because they know they can't make it up later, and because they come into class just as prepared as the next student. 

Second because not all kids are able to do homework in the first place. Some have no place to work at home, or family responsibilities that preclude the concentration that homework requires. Some have ADHD meds that wear off after school. Some can't figure out the work on their own and have no one available to help them. And all these kids, for reasons that have nothing to do with ambition or effort, don't deserve to fall behind just because of homework. 

My results? The kids who paid attention in class did very well. I had a challenging grading policy, and plenty of in-classroom work to be done. Nearly every student earned (and I do mean EARNED) A's and B's. Their depth of understanding of the course material carried them through well into the following academic year.  

It has become clear to me that many students who think they're "bad at" school -- at math, or at science, or at whatever -- are actually just bad at homework.


Re: essay rater on homework

by ALLEY MOOR (2018-01-19)

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