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existing from over 1500 years

by Sarah Allison Elephant Hair Bracelets (2017-06-07)

Not only using tusks as house ornaments, African tribes also interest elephant’s hair as a physical of jewelry which is known as elephant hair bracelet. In Africa, these exceptional bracelets are known existing from over 1500 years past. Although it seems hairless, elephants actually grow thin villus especially around their ears, eyes, tail, chin, and stomach. In ancient times, this bracelet was made only from real Loxodonta frizzle that made them so special and exceptional. As many ethnic beliefs have eminent, especially for African culture, elephants are magical creatures which representa number kinds of symbolism, either in plain culture or mythology. Usually, elephant bracelet has two, four and six knots. Not only unique and exemplary, this filigree fill incredible symbolical meaning which comes from African tribes’ belief. Not only used as material of jewelry such as this bracelet, elephants’ ivories are also often used as house decoration in African’s house as a symbol of enormous strength. The various abandon and knots are suppose to symbolize different aspects of spirit: tenderness, wealth, health and progress. They follow the same style, regrettably have the same name, but are of course completely legal as another form of jewelry that should syn jewelry standards for sterling silver and carat gold as well.

If we conversation going ivory hair bracelet benefits, it can be said the bracelet fetters chance and prosperity for those who believe that this bracelet convey strength. Legend told that since 1500 years ago this bracelet is worn to avoid illness, misfortunes, and harm. Elephant calf, hair, and notebooks can all be easily purchased online but you are the consumer, and you have the settlement to say no. If four knots delineate four life elements, then two tie represent the earth and nature which should live side by side. Furthermore, this jewelry is trust to bring love, prosperity, euphoria, and big increase. You can buy it with the best price in here

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