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by Zak Pritchard (2017-04-17)

Learning something is a very good thing in life and if you are talking about learning so you will get to know about that it is such a good language to learn about,as it is the most speaking language around the world and it is also use for companies co-ordination or you can say that many students know it,because majority travels from different countries so this language is a basic need to know about it,as it use for the assistance of learning purposes and mostly lectures are in english language,but they have to contact essay writers UK for writing their acadenuc project because they mostly do not know that how to write their work in english,as they have come from different countries and completing their education,so it is the basic language to co ordinate with your teachers and colleages as well.So i really to know about this language through out this journal.Looking for more useful thing.

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Department of Foreign Languages and Translation, University of Agder


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