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10 signs that something is not right in your child's school

by clara albert (2017-11-22)

The pay someone to write a research paper child leaves the schoolhouse crying every day It is essential to look at the little guy's face at the time of leaving. "To enter, it is normal to complain, for feeling laziness or just the lack of parents. But the behavior at the moment of leaving is more important to detect abnormalities, "says clinical psychologist Rita Romaro, from São Paulo. So if he leaves crying and complaining, day after day, you have to find out. It is possible that there is some conflict with colleagues (yes, there is also bullying in early childhood) or even physical fatigue if the schedule is too crowded. Believe when your child tells things, always question and confirm his version with the educators. "Another tip is to visit the institution late or arrive early to get the child. In that moment, notice the behavior of all, "suggests Rita.

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