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Bio statement Completely unjustified was the high price also in terms of the ingredients: urea, oak bark and cacti extract, vitamin A, camphor and polyunsaturated fatty acids. The editorial team of the German magazine pso aktuell received seborrheic dermatitis and hair loss no information from the sales company about the quantity of individual substances or on the allegedly "very good success" in tests by British skin doctors. The German Association of Psoriasis, who had asked the company for the names of the allegedly "leading European researchers from dermatology" who had developed Psorigon, also received no answer.

In the meantime, however, Psorigon is known to contain 0.02% of undeclared clobetasol propionate, a cortisone of the strongest class 4 with a very strong anti-inflammatory effect. Psorigon was apparently withdrawn from the market in Germany. According to the German Association of Psoriasis, lawsuits have already been instituted for personal injury because Clobetasolpropionat is a prescription drug.

The story around Psorigon shows once again that the greatest distrust is on the spot for supposed mirages for psoriasis. Patients with a chronic disease such as psoriasis unfortunately fall victim to unscrupulous businessmen. In 1999 PS-98 appeared with a lot of advertising. In the autumn, however, the vortex abruptly aborted: in Cortina, cortisone had been found. Then it was a long silence, and it came PS-98.

Most psoriatists have learned of Psorigon or PS-98 in two ways: Either they have read the patient's notes carefully, or the name Barbara Herzsprung has been used - mostly in women's and waiting room magazines. In 1998, seborrheic keratosis treatment the disaster began for Psorigon: The Central Laboratory of the German Pharmacist found in the cream "Psorigon Skin Regenerator" cortisone - which was neither specified as a substance nor had it in a cosmetics something to look for. The cortisone was determined in 0.02% concentration. In derermoxin - a representative of the stronger cortisone ointments - for example, 0.05 percent of cortisone is contained.

Every year," was the title of the telegram on the cortisone. In addition, the suspicion was expressed that vitamin A acid would be contained - also in the means Psorigon + S skin repair cream, Psorigon Bodylotion and Psorigon shampoo. According to the investigation nine batches were affected - at least. "In the case of damaged skin, further health damage is to be expected", was the name of the Deutsches Ärzteblatt in 1998. "The vitamin A acid can strongly irritate the skin."

"The rumor is stubborn," says the company ulti med against the cortisone findings. "The authorities have not sufficiently published the area." An opinion would have shown that the preparation of Psorigon at that time and PS-98 today was "according to valid cosmetic regulation" and no cortisone was contained. Previously, Barbara Herzsprung, the wife of the well-known (?) Actor Bernd Herzsprung, had told great stories about an improvement of her psoriasis in women's magazines seborrheic dermatitis and hair loss. Two years later, in May 2000, she told the journalists the same of the PS-98 media. PS-98, the successor product to Psorigon, was examined in spring 2000 in an independent testing institute. The facts:

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