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Bio statement Dolmer and Primalan are not simply lifestyle-care products, but have been tested for several decades in problem-skin-proven products. Primalan is for dry skin. how to cure seborrheic dermatitis Dolerma is once again specially developed for the damaged, for diseased, irritated and stressed skin. It should also alleviate the itching.

In Dolerma, melissa oil, wheat germ oil, camphor and menthol are already found in the smell. The two latter provide, among other things, for a cooling and soothing of the diseased skin and have an anti-itching effect. An expert opinion from the Institute of Hygiene of the University of Innsbruck also confirms an antibacterial effect on the emulsion. At the same time it protects against bacterial and fungal attack.

Dolerma can and should be massaged several times a day in the affected skin easily. In addition to psoriasis, neurodermatitis, acne, hemorrhoids and fever blisters are among the "attack points" of the drug. After sunbathing or after the irradiation, it is also available as with insect bites or athlete's foot - which is recommended as a "preventive measure" before the swimming pool visit. Dolerma is still committed to the pre-treatment and after-treatment after depilation. Men should benefit before and after the wet razor.

Lovely camphor?

The concern that the contained camphor irritates the skin additionally is unfounded. The company says: "We drive camphor in Dolerma with a concentration drive that is well below the medical drug limit of five percent." Specifically, the share is 0.4 percent. "In our products, camphor and menthol are just as effective as blood circulation."

The use of this emulsion is also safe in children and small children.

Several reports from the Institute of Hygiene at the University of Innsbruck confirm that Dolerma has a good effect seborrheic dermatitis natural treatment against bacteria and fungi. In particular, the germs staphylococcus aureus, escherichia coli, candida albicans and pseudomonas aeruginosa were examined. They are no longer growing after the application of Dolerma.

"Sister heart" Primalan

In the "heart heart" Primalan, the smell of almond oil (and the menthol odors) rises above the nose.

The emulsion provides intensive, particularly long-lasting moisture. Like Dolerma, it is suitable

in psoriasis
for neurodermatitis
for dialysis patients
after sunbathing
at Sunglasses
after the sauna
for baby care
for daily body and face care

Primalan provides the skin with a lot of moisture. It forms a thin film on the skin, but quickly penetrates and does not grease.

No artificial emulsifiers

As an advantage, the manufacturer ProDerma calls the absence of artificial emulsifiers. They make a product generally durable, but can sometimes trigger irritation of the skin. Only natural ingredients are used.

Good at cracks

Especially those who have their psoriasis to sit under their feet or hands will be aware of painful cracks (expert language: rhagades), which are very deep and badly healing shampoo for seborrheic dermatitis. "This is a classic application for Dolerma," the company says. "While the application can lead to a short firing, this is only a sign of the antiseptic effect of the emulsion."

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