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What Physiotherapy Is - and What it Is Not The Importance of Physiotherapy For this reason, you ought to go for physiotherapy in any circumstance. Physiotherapy is a drug-free medical care practice. Physiotherapy isn't a passive treatment and chances are that you'll be requested to do exercises at home. When the concerned home care prescribes occupational therapy along with different therapies, then you are qualified for Medicare benefits. Body recovery and pediatric physical therapy are a few of the other services offered by physiotherapy associates. Enayati therapists can cooperate with nurses, careers and family members so that treatment might be augmented and care is continuous. The Do's and Don'ts of Physiotherapy The body was made to clean and heal itself if given the appropriate tools. Hence, it's important to speak with a GP before making use of any painkillers. Sometimes other practices, such as acupuncture or ultrasound therapy, might also be tried. Vicodin

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