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Bio statement Son Doc pancake village is one of the oldest craft villages in Ben Tre. Not only in Ben Tre, but in other western provinces such as Can Tho and An Giang, there are also many international tourists staying at Risemount Resort Danang. The coconut is not unique in this area where it can not match up. The cake is round, big size rice paper, grilled to yellow color, coconut flavor, aromatic coconut, eat crispy, spongy, sweet flavor of rice more attractive with the fat of coconut milk and sweet coconut crispy, fat on the cake top scoop, is the flavor of the native deep in the heart of each child Ben Tre from childhood.The crispy crust of pancakes is made by stirring the coconut milk sweet juices smoothly, big pancakes are thanks to the care of Ben Tre people in thin-layer process, dried to medium dry cake, not too cup soaked with water. Just a stitch of people do not mind that the cake will not taste, not retain its characteristic flavor. Today, puff pastry with coconut candy, rolls become the gift guests can not be ignored when coming to Ben Tre. To buy delicious cake, right, no more than you find the village to buy Shan. Go to the village of Son Doc, Son Doc or small cake oven will be the point to buy delicious cake.

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