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I can't tell you how many times I've Interviewed a band for the mag and towards the end they throw at the ol' "Yeah, we had to skate, back in high school."

The men in The Faint used to skate. What separates them is that they still do, and they're fairly good at it. So I present you an interview with one of Nebraska's best skateboarders and about the best group to come out of Nebraska. Todd Fink, previously Called Todd Baechle, of the Faint.

How long have you been together?

Joel, Clark, and myself have been together Because '94. We didn't take the title The Faint until '97, I believe. And we had a few different members up until that moment. Jacob joined in '99, then Dapose combined a few years. Twelve years is exactly what we wrote in our own bio.

Are you guys on the road?

It changes. If we've got a new record it depends. As soon as we complete a record we tour most of the year. Times on than off, but then it kind of slows down. Each album we tour. We like to visit the places we went to on some new ones and the tour too.

Touring versus video or radio?

Definitely touring.

More for pleasure, or is it the best promotion?

When we play, we wish to ensure it is an occasion. The Mood is fun and energetic. We like that party dance vibe. We've got fun with that, and that is how we like to perform.

When composing music, how much can you consider The live show?

We try to not think about it. We Deal with this after the record has been made. How can we approximate the record? When we're live we can't bring all of the equipment. We must remake unique sounds and tones like learning the document of someone else at that point. Like we did on the listing, the effort is to play. There are many elements. There are a lot of things that mix together every evening. If there are errors in the live show, we do not mind. Us will disturb, after recording. We are predisposed to things. Live we can't assist the raw, much less tight.

With that in mind, do you ever Consider making A tour record?

It would be cool to get it done like that. I would like To put a DVD out, however, we have not done this yet. Now that we have our own label. Maybe.

Have there been numerous offers to sign with a Larger tag?

There have been. And we everybody out, See exactly what they can do and what they're about and when we're interested in being a part of what they provide. It all began with Dance Macabre around 2001. Since then we've met with a lot of record labels. We learned a lot, and met with a few people that were good, too. Much of this wasn't what we were comfy with. Never comfortable enough to put the pencil to paper and sign.

Perhaps you have always been open of Major was there a time when you were not at all or labels?

At first when a major label would want to fulfill Up it was a complete no. But after some time it got to, "We ought to at least get some free food and hear them out." Then you get to eat something you could not afford. And loot their CD collection. They want to impress you order the stuff that is pricey. They are not likely to tell you no. If they were tighter with their money we would likely be impressed by them.


Are all of the tunes written by you?

Generally speaking the lyrics are written by me. There are a Couple songs on Fasciinatiion based. Clark brought a few items to Wet from Birth.

Did you know that there was a hint challenge for Thrasher's King of the Road named after you? The Baechle? The challenge was to frontside tailslide, frontside 360 outside on a mini-ramp five-feet or higher.

Yeah, that is a fast one. You Need to spin Real fast on the way out of this.

How do you really feel about your music Skate movies? Should skate companies pay to utilize music?

It is loved by us. So Far as paying for your own rights, It is kind of like you set a product out that you are selling which has music inside, you have to have a music budget. You can get music and we completely give songs. Them, we wouldn't charge. Most cases it is more what it is and when we are into it. A rollerblade firm asked to use our music and we told them what it would cost. They asked if we were against them and we responded, "Yeah, we're skateboarders." We like skateboarding, so we're lax on this. It's way cheaper for a skate firm than if you're Pepsi or Cadillac. It is going to cost them lots.

Would you miss the days of playing in basements And living out of a van?

I do. I miss it. It's nice both Ways. If I had it my way I would do another person, and one bus tour with basements and house shows and little bars and so on. But you got to pay the bills and the bills are a whole lot. It costs a whole lot to be a ring

each month. I don't do the books, that is exactly what I'm told. Recording studios and documents are costly. Got to break at some point.

When was the van tour?

I am not good with time however I understand we went Back into the van at the same point. It was fairly cheap to do trailer and the mini-van after we did some bus stuff. Maybe 2003?

What are a few bands that you think are sexy right now?

I like of the Pier. They are from England. So far as rock and synth goes, they are as similar lines of the Faint. There's a group from Omaha called Box Elders. They surfy Ramones trash. Jeremiah's in college although we wanted them to be on this tour with us.

To Mathew Dear, I've been listening on the techno side. He also has a project named Audion, which I would explain as minimal electro. Anti-Pop Consortium is recording, and I'm excited about that. They're some rap friends of ours.

Any parting words?

It's pretty cool to be in Thrasher.

Were you ever in the mag for skating back in The day?

Probably in Z advertisements. I have a few of them Framed at my The Top Best Skateboards For Beginners Reviews 2017.

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