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A special problem could occasionally arise where a real estate representative is contractually obliged to both events in a realty transaction, as would certainly be the case of a buyer's agent showing among their own listings. In this case "dual agency" is said to exist. The real estate representative is a representative to both events. When this problem arises, a realtor needs to reveal the twin agency problem as well as get approval from both buyer and vendor that they accept this problem. In several states, failing to divulge double agency is a violation of the law for which a real estate representative could lose their license, be penalizeded, and also possibly obtain a jail sentence. In a dual company condition, the property representative acts as a neutral third party, not representing the rate of interests of either event, but merely facilitating the purchase. Many consumer advocates are not pleased with such arrangements due to the fact that nobody is taking care of the most effective

Real Estate Referral Companies In Alabama

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