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IF YOU'RE WATCHING a skate video In case you're taking a look at pictures of skateboarding at Arizona and you also find a placethat is unique, or of Arizona inside, chances are John Motta. What Size Skateboard good for an 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 year old

Likely he at least made some modifications to get it into itsskateable state, or constructed it. Quickcrete grinders, plywood runways, Bondo, shovels, pieces of iron, and a great eye forpossible are all in a day's work for John. He's a silent man--a man of few words, but of many text messages. A few of the messagesare strange.

At times it makes you wonder what's happening in his head. Something out there must be directing him to suchwonderful spots ... Can he be communicating with other beings? Does he possess an intergalactic texting program? Read on to learnwhat those voices may be whispering in his ear. Have you ever had a job?Never had a job.What got you?Only buddies. I started in sixth grade.I actually had a set of Soaps--soap Sneakers--first. Everybody at college had Soaps. Can you have some radical moves?Grind down the slides at college and get in trouble. I hear you go to art school.I went for a to the Art Institute of Phoenix semester. I figured I would do my own thing.

You could go back to school. What did you learn?I had never gotten A's in that, and my life semester I got straight A's. Approximately week eight of an 11-week program I thoughtto myself, "I gotta get out of here. This really is a waste of time." I missed out on two trips that were pretty cool . Which part of Phoenix do you enjoy best? Glendale, Paradise Valley, or Scottsdale? Glendale, because I am so familiar with it.How do you locate?When I have nothing to do, I push around. Look It work. Do you skate handrails and stairs?If I have a hint for them, I'll do it. There is not much of this around here, so I'm not skating that stuff. I will skate rails,if I am on a trip.

There used to be the Barry Goldwater rails, and there have been three nine railings. Pretty much what has beendone on the railings around here. You seem to have a good eye for spots, and how Footage and the photographs should look. How did that come about? I used to see BMX videos. That helped. After A while you just know how things are going to get the job done. I know how I'd likethe photograph to seem, so I figure out how to get there and work backward. Is there a stage where modifying a spot goes overboard?

If it is, before I even skate a spot, I understand going to work or not. Normally I go out by myself and then fix the spot, andtry to skate it first. If I could come near, I'll go back and try to picture the trick. When I can not come close I moveon--possibly write down the place so that I could come look at it again in another time, when I'd see it otherwise. What are the tools of the trade? The trunk of Your truck is filled with stuff. I just have a little bag with Bondo, a hint to Mix on, and also a rub brick to smooth out ledges.

The roughness is taken by therub brick out of concrete. I've wax and Clearcoat. What doesn't fit in the bag is hedge clippers, a broom, and that the timber. How many would you roll with?2: an identical setup, and A normal plank With softies onto it. If I can't make it on the board that is standard then I'll try theboard. What happened with trespassing tickets and you? Is that what caused you to begin to find ditch spots? I'd probation for a while. I attempted to fill Those holes in certain bricks--and I got caught. I had to cover an $1,100 ticket.They called it damage. Is the reason you are always in the ditches Because you have been kicked out of college yards? Yeah. I had to do 32 hours of community service Due to trespassing in schoolyards. I went to perform the community service andafter four hours these men got into a fight.

Because it was not safe my service advisor signed me off. Before I was 18, this was. How many tickets did you buy for that to Happen? I believe I got five. The counselor would get Pissed because it might keep occurring. She would ask if I was going to get anymore,and that I replied, "I am gonna try not to, but it is what I do." That's when I started skating longer ditches.

It came in Arizonaabout that using all the terrain, there are ditches than you will find railings and stairs, to skate. Can you Simply roll out all or skate with a posse by yourself? Normally I text and wake up Buster, my filmer, To see if he is going skating. He lives about 15 miles from me. And that's close?No, so that I hope someone can pick him up or I Have enough gasoline for him. If he is not I'll only go out and attempt to fixthings up.

After going through All of the effort to create Some thing skateable, does it bum you out to view footage of folks skating yourspots? They don't understand about those spots Until after they see my footage. Then it's like, "Yeah, I understand you can do a bettertrick. I can do a hint . I did all this work to create it. It required me to do all this and figure it out for you." They can atleast ask, but I do not really care that much.


It's just funny to me when that is how people work. Would you un-fix a place after you skate it?I'd never do that.What about kids That Are at your spots, but Are not hoping get or to picture photographs? Like they are using my mind to it's still skateboard. That's the way I look at it. I only filmed a one-minute part at spots whichare within a square mile of my property. Is that anything can be skated by you, and make something out of anything to skate on. Itis easy, folks understand that--but they would still push to skate different peoples' stuff. Instead of where your spots are telling us, Tell us how you find the spots.

What's your procedure? When you get on Google Earth doyou understand what you're searching for, or do you scan the city? New Mexico was began with by the Google Earth. I had Use it to locate things there and here, as sort of a security blanket item.Before driving out where to obtain the specific place. Or use road view to see whether it looks skateable. Were these spots that you didn't understand about before Google Earth? Sometimes I'd been to the spot before, but I'd Use Google Earth if I thought of a trick to get an overall idea if it would workbefore driving out. After doing this for some time I watched a video from New Mexico. I saw these spots--I started on the NorthEast side of Albuquerque, also understanding the whole city is on a slant, I'd stick to the ditches.

I would go to the right, thenwork my way backagain. It took eight hours total to scour the city. I had a paper map on the desk; I'd highlight the spots that Idiscovered on this, so when we went there the places would be all figured out out. What's your success rate with Google Earth?Normally it works out as, by now, I can Inform by utilizing Street View if it is going to work or not and zooming in. What I see,just isn't highlighted by me. What is up with all of the horses?We've had this yard for 16 decades.

My mother Wanted a horse, and we've had horses since. We stopped a mini-horse named some thingor Thundercloud. It was a guy I started skating with, his family's horse. While their house was being constructed, it stopped. Can there be a barn for the horses?No stalls. But we've got a barn at the Backyard. It appears like a barn, but it's a home. The little part is a house, the hugecomponent was the studio of my grandpa, and now my mother does training and yoga in there. There is a mini-ramp from the loft. Theloft was constructed to be really powerful because my grandpa would do sculpture up there. Yoga barn? Can you jump in on the sessions? Occasionally, when I feel like it.

The rule is, If there is a session anyone who is a friend of the family can go and do yoga. Do you do High Chi?I have.It's when you get stoned before stretching.I've done that, actually.Burnett said that you were pooping at the Lawn when RVCA was out here. How did this come about? So we couldn't our tank was backing up Use the toilet or the shower. If the water ran for shit that is too long would beginbacking up to the shower. I would go outdoors to shit in a hole. What did your mom do?I don't know what my brother or my mom did. My Brother, he never uses the toilet. He pees out anyway.

What is up with Skate Mental?We broke off from Crailtap. I think Brad wanted to do his own thing. Now it's back in the Bay Area, although he started SkateMental in his cellar and Crailtap spread it. Brad got a warehouse, hired all of his pals, and we're going to see how it works out. Who helps outside you?Bones, Royal, SUPERbrand Industrial skateshop, and Nike SB. With these sponsors, does your board seem like NASCAR?

Should I feel like placing stickers on, I do. It is Pretty random. I've seen, although normally you are pretty quiet You really cut loose at celebrations. Any stories about hiding from the cops, orbeing kicked out of one? I got kicked out of a bar once. There was a few dude on stage singing. I can't remember what I do. Probably manic at the moment.This guy and I, we went forth and back. He had a mic and I did not. What do you mean by manic?I've had a few episodes that are manic. Grandiose Believing--I do not understand what it was from. I had been put into a hospitalfor it, but I escaped, and then they put me back in. I was there for five days. I'd have episodes off and on.

That is what I amdealing with right now. Do people, or are you really manic not Know that your own thinking? I was having thoughts that are crazy, thinking that I Was being manipulated. You believe you have everything figured out. Likethere was a satellite beamed in on me, I felt and something controlled me. There is a lot to it. Does this have anything Who works at White Sands? The person who believed that he was being followed? There was a time in which something was thought by him Followed him around. Perhaps the government. He worked at White Sands doingmissile work. Something was following him, or maybe he was manic at the time.

He went to the same hospital. He is bipolar. I'mthinking maybe it's my time to be a portion of the government. It runs in my loved ones. No medications or anything. Is this the same Uncle you call "Uncle No Vert Ramp"? Different uncle than Uncle No Vert Ramp. That Uncle assembled my ramp. In that time that ramp sucked, but if I had it today it'dbe the best thing ever. He did not understand about something or skating. On top, A big spine. Transitions so tight you'd scrapeyour nose. Four-feet tall, two-feet of vert in my own driveway. However, you said Uncle No Vert Ramp is your one With the metal detector and the sensor that is arbitrary stuff from the '70s. Ishe also on a search for something on the market?

No. For him, that stuff just hobbies.Any UFO sightings?I have always seen things--not Certain if They're real. I have a picture of a UFO I saw while we were skating in Beardsley Banks.I got two photos of it. I never put it. People would just think it's Photoshop. Pretty photograph. Brad Staba, another time and Iwere driving, listening to Coast.

Driving to SF from LA, listening to George, and we see that this mild flying low, doing exactlythe things that are most absurd. That was mad. I filmed it for 20 minutes. And there were these Sheep in Prescott when I waslittle, I can't remember how old. We were in a whole lot of sheep along with a little entertainment park with go-karts, and Iswear there was an alien walking round with the sheep.

I was so young, I don't even think I would have understood what an alienlooks like. It was mad. Any others?When I was little, I didn't have a TV in my room. So I could fall asleep watching TV, 16, I'd sleep in the living room That I wokeup, turned my head, and standing there was a fuckin' alien. I am pretty positive I was awake. what size skateboards should i to get

I laid as still as I could; it isremembered by me pretty well. Something is fucked up with me. Who knows.

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