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The Importance of Shoulder Pain A History of Shoulder Pain Refuted Neck muscle strain caused by an accident like an auto collision is just one of the usual triggers of muscle spasms. Injuries to the neck and head in an auto accident or sudden jerk can also cause vertebrogenic headaches. While shoulder pain is often dismissed as bursitis or arthritis, it should not be neglected. The average reasons for the occurrence of arm pain after sneezing are regarding the spine. Neck pain caused by injury or arthritis of the cervical spine can also lead to moderate to severe discomfort at the bottom of the skull. The nerve does not need to be in the neck for you to have a pinched nerve in neck. Rheumatoid arthritis is also among the most vital source of bursitis. Muscle tear in the neck can also lead to internal bleeding, depending on the seriousness of the injury. Numbness or tingling sensation could be felt if enough blood isn't reaching the affected location. What You Can

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