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The Good, the Bad and Mediterranean Diet To put it differently, if you would like to remain healthy, switch to olive oil! There are types of healthful fats which do not raise LDL-Cholesterol. Results imply that Mediterranean dietary habits help to negate a particular genetic mutation that can cause a greater chance of stroke, especially if someone carries two copies of the gene. Salmon is particularly full of omega-3 fatty acids that help decrease blood pressure and risk of cardiovascular disease. You do must be well prepared. You should eat a number of whole fruits and vegetables every single day, as stated by the Mediterranean diet. The healthy choice is to replace the surplus salt with herbs and also garlic, as Mediterranean individuals have done for a long time. Again the mix of flavours from simple and positively excellent for you ingredients is practically endless. It is almost unique among oils in that you can consume it in its crude form without any processing needed

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