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Abduh Basit

Bio Statement and he just walked away never saw him again that was it but that statement really had me thinking and it had me thinking hard because I learned something that day that's when I realized the true key to success you see I always thought if I could just fear the act of failing and if I fear it like crazy I will succeed because I thought the fear would motivate me to get out there and start taking action

but after that day I realized something I realize it's the love for success that will lead me to succeeding so just imagine if Robert feared falling would he even start walking of course not he wouldn't even do what he loved to do he would sit at home and say no type of action but he loved walking wasn't even scared to fall he gave him life that's what allowed him to get up and do it he loved walking so much he was willing to fall 10 times a day
just to do it and you had to be the same so the next time someone tells you

you're gonna fail you know what you tell them tell them they're right but you're not afraid of fail you're not afraid to take action you're not afraid to jump you're gonna fail 10 times but you know what it's cool because on the 11th time you'll succeed oh you'll succeed alright and it'll feel good and while you're over here living the life of your dreams

and complete happiness guess where they're gonna be that's right they'll be failures the real failures over there where it's safe scared to fail ironic isn't it you know a lot of people come up to me and they ask me Marco what is it that motivates you most and to answer their question I reply back with a question I say what if I told you that you had one week left to live would you regret not pursuing your dreams passions

and desires would you regret not living your life to the fullest would you regret not spending as much time with your any friends or loved ones you know Steve Jobs said in a speech one time that he used to wake up every morning look in the mirror and ask himself questions like this and he said that if the answer was yes for too many days in a row then he knew that he had to change something and that should go for all of us