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From the conflicts that we were going through in our relationships and building our businesses, to how our love story evolved, how we became friends, and how we started building a life and a business that we really were excited about. - Yeah, so there's a few different ways that people

could start to get to know you, especially here on social media. It's a super social place, and being present on the platform that you choose, that your audience is actually hanging out on, is very, very important. So there's places like YouTube and Facebook and the Pinterest or the Twitter,

or all of these different social media channels. Your audience may not be on all of them so figure out what channels already exist where there's people already congregating around a specific idea, a specific topic, or even a specific type of niche because if there are already people

there and there's already channels doing something similar, imagine the flare that you can bring to that platform that other people are gonna resonate with you That is just starting to build the know factor, you're starting to put out content that's going to serve people, and that's giving

us a sneak peek to number 2, but what happens is as people start to see you on the platform, as they start to see you around more often, they start to feel like they know you. You're opening yourself up, you're sharing stories of your life, of your experiences, of things that you have going on that they can relate with. And when they relate, that starts to build that bond, that starts to build the

know factor, and that leads you into number 2 on the list, which is all about building the love. Like, how do you get them to start to love you? - You gotta provide them with value. This helps people love you because people love free stuff. They love to get information, whether it is something that entertains them, something that educates them, or something that inspire