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Lungeroz Martin

Bio Statement If you can give them stuff that helps them where they're at, meeting them exactly where they're at, without any expectations of them knowing the inside scoop or the inside language, and you teach them, you start helping them evolve from where they are to where they wanna be.

The information that you will provide them will really set them on fire. They'll start to love you and they will follow you forever and share you with their friends. - That is so true and what's really cool about this is there's a lot of different ways that you can provide them with value.

You can provide them with free content on your blog, maybe you write really interesting blog posts about organic gardening. Maybe that's the niche that you love, and then people start to follow your journey of the perfect amount of earthworms in the soil to how much nitrogen and iron and all these different things that go on the soil, people start to love you for that.

What's cool about that is the blog is not the only place. Here on the YouTube is also a pretty awesome place to do it, because now you can take your phone out there, you can take your little tripod and maybe you could record some artikels on how you do certain techniques, how you plant the perfect carrots at the perfect depth so you don't have a bunch of weird ones.

Maybe they just need more sand in the soil, who knows? I'm not an organic gardener, yet. But maybe that's coming. Another thing that you could do is provide them with maybe a PDF download that shows them step-by-step how to do something or guides them along the journey of some kind so that they can get from where they are to where they wanna be, in a couple simple steps along the way.

So there's a few different ways that you could provide value and using social media is a great way to syndicate that, that just simply means to share it, amongst people who are following your journey because they resonate with what it is that you do. - The third thing is all about building trust.