Leveraging a Diverse Collaboration in Tertiary Education to Develop Capability for Workplace Innovation

  • Thomas Carey Workplace Innovation Network for Canada
  • Anahita Baregheh Nipissing University https://orcid.org/0000-0001-6881-3655
  • Felix Nobis Monash University
  • Mathias Stevenson Monash University


Recent developments in tertiary education are demonstrating teaching and learning methods to develop students’ capability for employee-led Workplace Innovation. In this article, we describe an international collaboration to develop shared learning resources and activities in workplace innovation for adaptation in diverse tertiary education contexts. We are intentionally seeking out additional collaborating institutions that differ in mission, size, location and student demographics, to leverage our team’s diversity and encourage innovation.

When shared learning resources and activities are to be used in a diverse contexts, some core principles underlying instructional success must also be shared in order to ensure adaptations do not remove key properties. We outline four instructional principles underlying the learning design and illustrate how these principles are applied in our current learning resources.  

We then describe some of the ways that these shared resources have been adapted for different tertiary education environments. We also discuss some of the benefits emerging from the collaboration, including how the inclusion of new resources targeting specific work domains and the transfer of new teaching and learning ideas across contexts.

We conclude by describing some of the ways we are also collaborating with workplace partners, to ensure that our graduates have the capabilities needed to contribute to workplace innovation practice and to help advance the workplace innovation capability of their own employees.

Author Biographies

Anahita Baregheh, Nipissing University

Anahita Baregheh is an Associate Professor at Nipissing University’s School of Business (North Bay, Canada) and Research Director with the Workplace Innovation Network for Canada. Her research interests span a range of innovation topics – Management, Workplace, Strategic, Quality of Work – with industry and public sector partners in Canada and the U.K.

Felix Nobis, Monash University

Felix Nobis is Senior Lecturer in Theatre and Coordinator of Work-Integrated Learning in the Monash University Faculty of Arts. As a professional actor and playwright, he has extensive theatre and television experience and toured several one-person shows in Australia, Europe and America. In 2020, Felix won an Australian Award for University Teaching.

Mathias Stevenson, Monash University

Mathias Stevenson is a Lecturer in the School of Languages, Literature, Cultures and Linguistics and Deputy Director of the Bachelor of Global Studies in the Faculty of Arts at Monash University (Melbourne, Australia). Mat is co-author of the recent book Reggae and Hip Hop in Southern Italy: Politics, Languages, and Multiple Marginalities.