An Obituary for Morten Levin

Morten Levin, July 11, 1946 - April 9, 2023

  • Olav Eikeland OsloMet – Storbyuniversitetet – Oslo Metropolitan University
  • Davydd J. Greenwood Cornell University
  • Roger Klev Praxes AS
  • Ann W. Martin Cornell University
  • Johan E. Ravn SINTEF


In this text we pay our respects, both professionally and personally, to Morten Levin who passed away this last April 9th, at 76 years of age. We who write this knew Morten from different periods, professional, and geographical distances. Our common ground is our mutual interest in action research and work life research and change, concerns that occupied Morten for decades.

We who write this are:  Roger Klev, Davydd Greenwood, Ann Martin, Johan Ravn, and Olav Eikeland, all engaged, as Morten was, in practices related to work life, action research, and relevant educational and extension programs at Masters and PhD-levels. These are the threads that brought us into Morten´s orbit. 

We each have stories to tell that illuminate Morten’s life and contributions, and this shapes the narrative of our tribute.  Following a summary of his career, we offer our separate accounts of Morten’s gifts to us and his extraordinary professional accomplishments. 

Author Biography

Johan E. Ravn, SINTEF

Johan Elvemo Ravn, PhD, is Chief Scientist at SIINTEF Digital and professor of Leadership and organization at Nord University, Norway. Research interests include organization, leadership, collaborative industrial relations, action research and sociotechnical systems theory. He has published and been guest editor in several journals.

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