Innovation adoption of employees in the logistics sector in the Netherlands: The role of workplace innovation

  • Katarina Putnik
  • Peter Oeij TNO
  • Stephen Dhondt
  • Wouter van der Torre
  • Ernest de Vroome
  • Paul Preenen


In this study we examine individual behavioural and organisational predictors of innovation adoption amongemployees in the transport and logistics sector in the Netherlands. The framework of the study is based on theories of planned behaviour and workplace innovation.  Based on a survey of 224 respondents, we see that employees who are expressing innovative behaviour, are feeling engaged in the process of innovation development and implementation, and are stimulated to contribute in the team or department’s meetings, also have a positive perception of innovation. Ease of use and subjective norm are key elements related to the actual use of innovation, i.e., innovation adoption. The role of workplace innovation, that is engagement of employees in decision making and giving them voice in the process of innovation development and innovation, is highly relevant for successful implementation of innovation.

Author Biography

Peter Oeij, TNO

Senior Research Scientist / Consultant / Project Manager

Dept. Healthy Living