The Swedish Platform for Sustainable Work inHorizon2020: in retrospect

  • Elisabeth Lagerlöf info2you
  • Maria Albin


The nationwide Swedish advocacy platform “Sustainable work as a resource for health, innovation and growth” started in 2013 with the aims of i) identifying possible openings for the research area within Horizon 2020, ii) implementing a strategy to impact Horizon2020, and iii) to connect Swedish and European researchers.


The basis for this agenda was that although work and working conditions have a major influence on the health, wellbeing and prosperity, these aspects were lacking or extremely fragmented in Horizon2020. Since this is a strong research area in Sweden and seen as strategically important by the Social partners, it should be a Swedish priority for Horizon2020.  The initiative was funded by Vinnova, co-funded by the participating universities, and supported by the Social partners and other stakeholders.


The platform has extended the dialogue on the European research agenda within the Swedish research community, and gradually built a strategy to impact H2020. Over the years, our advocacy has also developed in interaction with the EU Agencies Eurofound and EU-OSHA, and with PEROSH. The focus has been on the pillars of Leadership and Societal Challenges (Horizon2020).

The impact on the early Calls in Horizon2020 was minor, while work and working life is much more visible in the later calls, and on the agenda in the drafts for Horizon Europe (FP9). The focus will now be on making the opportunities known to Swedish researchers, and on facilitating participation in applications.