Teacher cognition about oral skill development in the foreign language classroom: A literature review from Norway and Sweden

  • Xavier Llovet Vilà University of Bergen
  • Fredrika Nyström Uppsala University
Keywords: Teacher cognition, oral skill development, foreign language teaching, instructional decisions


The study of language teacher cognition (LTC) allows us to understand better language teaching regarding what teachers know, how they come to know it, and how they draw on their knowledge. Due to the recently increasing LTC research interest but simultaneously lack of synthesis and overview in Norway and Sweden, a descriptive review of the literature was conducted. Results show a great variety of topics in both countries. However, multilingualism in Norway and assessment in Sweden stand out as particularly well-researched. In addition, results also show little research collaboration among two educationally-similar countries regarding LTC. In this sense, this literature review was initiated with an a priori interest in identifying LTC research on oral skill development that would allow the establishment of joint research ventures among the authors in both countries.